Top Classic Watches for Professional Men

A watch is not simply an instrument to check time, it tells a lot about a man or woman, their thought processes, their ambitions and most importantly the fact that they are serious about maintaining time. Successful professionals go out of their way to make a fashion statement with what they have on their wrist. They are aware that when they sit down at a meeting or for any discussion with peers or clients, a good classic watch will say a lot about their personality, whether they mean business and whether they can be trusted at all. One thing is sure – that people notice the watch they wear and often judge them on it.

A professional with standing in his field will not treat a watch as a good buy; it will be more of an investment to complement his expertise. Take the case of Mick Fabar, a person who has created ripples not only in the Australian construction industry but internationally too with his concept of energy efficient homes. If he wears an ordinary and run of the mill watch, it will affect his reputation but wearing a high end one will add to his image of a leader and innovator.

Some of the classic watches that Professionals opt for are listed below but not in any specific order related to price or popularity.

Seiko solar watch – It is a truly sophisticated watch incorporating the best in Japanese technology and solar powered, eliminating the need for batteries. It’s a no nonsense piece and portrays the user as one who cares about the environment and wants to contribute to protecting the fragile ecosystem.

Citizen Eco drive world chronograph – It’s another classic Japanese masterpiece with focus on preserving the environment. It too is powered by solar energy but that’s not all. It has a radio controlled perpetual calendar and atomic timekeeper and is ideal for a professional who frequently flies across time zones and is a stickler for exact time.

Baume & Mercier Riviera Watch – Baume & Mercier is a Swiss watchmaker focused on the high end luxury market with the watches generally priced between $2,000 and $5,000 in the mid range. What is striking about the watch is its unique shape, there are 12 sides for 12 hours. This is what sets it apart from its competitors. The watch has a self winding mechanism, eliminating the need for batteries. A good investment for $4,300!

Omega Seamaster – Omega watches are generally robust and bold and match a professional with a strong outgoing personality. It has been highly visible on James Bond as well as astronauts and Olympians. It is a high performance watch in stainless steel and helps makes a strong fashion statement. Retails for about $2,070.

Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel – This is the ultimate in the collection of any top professional and is an iconic watch. The Roman numerals add a touch of elegance and charm to it. The square links against the round bezel is a harmony in symmetry. It is truly an investment and not an ordinary purchase. Sells for around $6,700.

These are some of the watches that are instantly recognizable across the world and give a touch of class to professionals who have made a mark in their field.