How to Wear Metal Watches to Avoid Discomfort

A watch is an important accessory that most people use every day. It also provides astonishing looks to one’s personality. Watches are available in different styles and straps like the ones with metal bands which are both stylish and sturdy. But anyone who regularly wears them can tell that certain types of watch bands can cause a lot of irritation and discomfort like pinching and squeezing the skin. Sometimes the rough and hard sections of the wrist watch straps damage your delicate skin. Before you consider switching your wrist watch band with cloth or leather one, here are few useful tips to make your metal band wrist watch easy to wear without causing any discomfort.

Adjust the band of your watch for a better fit, especially with bands made from segmented metal sections. Doing this will help avoid the squeezing and itching generally caused by the wide segments of the watch. The band should neither be too tight or loose. Ask the vendor from where you have bought the watch to adjust the band for you or take help of a knowledgeable person. Also, be careful while wearing a watch with a stretch band because it can pinch the skin. Stretch it wide while wearing and leave it slowly on the wrist. Do not snap it, this will help you to wear it without causing any harm.

Wearing watches can also become uncomfortable if the band traps the hair on the wrist. Watch out for the segments that pull the hair. One thing that can be done is to remove the hair. You can choose to shave, wax or tweeze, but all these conventional methods are temporary and painful. Consider using IPL machine hair removal method, this method is more effective than the conventional ones and considerably reduces the hair growth.

Getting the hair removed with IPL hair removal machine is non-invasive and not too costly. Hair removal will surely reduce the discomfort usually caused by wearing a wrist watch with a metal band.

When you purchase a watch, examine the band thoroughly. Look inside the band for rough surfaces because it can cause discomfort and rashes on the wrist. If you find any rough area consider choosing another watch or the roughness can be removed by rubbing it with sandpaper or metal file to make it fine and smooth. This is the easiest way to make the band smoother and anyone can apply it.

Here is yet another tip to make your metal watch band more comfortable and that is by using a lining. Cut a strip of soft leather matching the size of your watch band and make sure that it is not wider than the band. Attach this rubber lining on the inner side of the band using jewellery glue or any other appropriate adhesive. Smooth out the rough surface if any by rubbing with sand paper.

Indeed a watch is a useful and functional piece of your everyday life and it should be comfortable. Using these tips can make your wear a watch more comfortably. Try them out and feel the difference.