Smart watches

Smart Watches for Professionals

Smart watches have taken over the role of diaries personal secretaries in recent times. No more do professionals have to flip diary pages to know the day’s schedules or depend on a single page memo from the secretary to remind them of the day’s commitments. It’s all there around the wrist and a tap on the screen is what it takes to get them going. Smart watches today are as indispensable as other basic necessities of life and a businessman or professional would not dream of leaving home without one.

So how can smart watches help you be ahead of the rat race if you are a professional? To know more, it is necessary to know some of the features of smart phones.

• Communications – Yes, it might be a little embarrassing to receive or make calls or dictate a memo on your smart watch if you are in public but a vibration will warn you of incoming calls which you can attend to later. Or you might send standardised formatted emails stored in your smart watch till you get time to send detailed ones.

• On tour – If your work takes you places frequently, it will surely help if you can pull out QR code of your boarding pass from your smart watch or check hotel reservations once you land. Your smart watch will also give you directions on how to reach your destination even in foreign cities. If you are commuting from work your smart watch will give you updates on traffic conditions and which roads to take to save on precious time.

• Scheduling – This is very crucial for professionals on the go. Smart watches can be linked to your smart phone and just by speaking into it you can schedule your appointments. You can even set reminders and dictate limited notes to your smart watch and be sure that you will receive regular updates of the work to be done at periodical intervals. For example, all that a busy property lawyer in Melbourne has to do is input clients to be contacted and their location for the day and receive pop-ups well in time before the meeting is scheduled.

There are a whole lot of smart watches available today with top end features and you will be literally spoilt for choice. They run on iPhone, Android or Windows platform and make life easier for professionals.

Alcatel is on the lower end of the smart phone sector and pairs with all three operating systems. It is one of the few touch phones with a round face. The Martian Notifier has a microphone where you can set schedules and dictate memos along with a small LCD panel at the bottom for showing reminders. This watch complements almost all smart phones. The Goldkey Secure Communicator is almost a smart phone by itself with data connection and even a small QWERTY keyboard for typing in short memos. The Moto 360 has the glamour looks with a round face, stainless steel or leather band and tough Gorilla glass screen. Just go to Google, give a voice command and you get what you need.

There are hundreds of varieties available in the smart watch for professionals sector. Research on the features that you’ll definitely need before you invest in one.