Watch Warehouse Inspection and Maintenance Checklist

Inspection of a watch warehouse and maintenance of a checklist is by no means easy. However, being two completely different components of the overall structure, it will be relevant to evaluate them separately.

What are the key points to focus on in a watch warehouse inspection –?

  • Ambience and workplace environment – A good warehouse is one that offers not only a safe environment for employees to work in, it should be one that safeguards the goods stored. Watches are extremely sensitive pieces and exposing them to constant noise and vibration might damage their parts. Check for any source of loud noise in the warehouse. If it is an exclusive watch warehouse, you should not have any problem on this score. If you are sharing it with another company that stores heavy machinery that has to be shifted around, you’ll do well to partition off your space with sound and vibration reducing panels.
  • Facilities and existing conditions – List out all the facilities in your space. These include ventilation, doors, windows and wash rooms. Look for areas with weak links. The security of your warehouse should be your primary concern. Floors are another crucial area that has to be inspected. Any dampness that arises from there can critically damage the watch mechanisms putting you at great loss. Ensure that the area is well ventilated and install dehumidifiers if required.
  • Cleanliness of the warehouse – Dust, dirt and grime are a strict no-no for any watch warehouse. Remember, watches are manufactured in dust free environments as even a minute speck of dust can critically affect their functioning. Do you have a contract with a specialised warehouse and commercial cleaning agency? If not, take the step now! If your warehouse is in Melbourne, Brightenserv should be your first choice. They are industry leaders in commercial and warehouse cleaning with long years of experience and teams of trained and dedicated cleaners.

So far as maintaining a checklist of inventories, it is definitely not a piece of cake so far as watches are concerned. The main problem here is that watches are small pieces so storing them methodically is important. However, different wholesalers have their own specific way of doing it so it all depends on what you find convenient. But here is an option. Segregate your stock by brand and model. For example Brand A can have 20 types and all these can be kept in one place. Similarly for other brands too.

Another alternative is to go for stacking by prices. Keep higher priced luxury watches separately from the ordinary run of the mill ones. There is an advantage here. You can structure suitable and strict security measures for this area with access only to you or a few trusted people. Another benefit to this arrangement is that most retailers place repeat orders for mid to low priced watches. If these are kept at one place, retrieval is easy and the higher priced segment need not be accessed always.

A good checklist is one that has details of the stock in hand along with the place that they are stored. Mark every vault or safe where the watches are kept with an identifying mark and include that in the inventory check list. It will make your work of meeting orders quickly that much easier.

Finally of course, install hardware and specialised software to keep a track of your stock. Any expenditure on this will definitely be worth it.