Best Use of Smart Watches in Education

We live in an age where technology is everywhere. With a swipe of a finger, we can access an incredible amount of information within seconds. This instant accessibility to data has revolutionised the way people live their day-to-day lives raising the bar for each subsequent technology. One of the more recent additions to this revolution of instant data, is the […]

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How to Wear Metal Watches to Avoid Discomfort

A watch is an important accessory that most people use every day. It also provides astonishing looks to one’s personality. Watches are available in different styles and straps like the ones with metal bands which are both stylish and sturdy. But anyone who regularly wears them can tell that certain types of watch bands can cause a lot of irritation […]

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watch business

Guide to start your own watch company

Beginning a watch business is a perfect choice for business visionaries keen on various sorts of watches. However, the watch industry is loaded with tremendously substantial players like Rolex and Omega that have apparently been around since, well, the very beginning. Thus, in an industry ruled by these bigwigs, it’s a particularly a courageous move to go up against them […]

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Top Classic Watches for Professional Men

A watch is not simply an instrument to check time, it tells a lot about a man or woman, their thought processes, their ambitions and most importantly the fact that they are serious about maintaining time. Successful professionals go out of their way to make a fashion statement with what they have on their wrist. They are aware that when […]

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